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PVC Stretch Film

  • PVC Stretch Film
  • PVC Stretch Film

PVC Stretch Film

Excellent material to immobilize loads on or off the pallets. Protects the merchandise against dust, dirt, moisture, among other external agents. It has a high degree of elasticity leaving the products well compacted and protected, making it impossible for them to shifting in transport, travel and even in the stock itself.
It's available in the standard measure of 500x25.

We have two types of PVC Stretch film.

. TG (Gross Weight): rolls with 4.5 kg gross, sold in boxes of 4 units.
. TN (Net Weight): rolls with 5 kg net, sold from 4 x 4 units, in individual boxes.

Especificação do Produto PVC Stretch FilmTechnical Specifications

TG: 500 mm x 230 meters
Thickness: 23 microns

TN: 500 mm x 320 meters
Thickness: 25 microns

Aplicação do Produto PVC Stretch FilmProduct Application

Indicated to pack any type of product on the pallet.

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